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We take pride of our work because we work not only for business development but also to serve people at large. We started with fabrication and erection of steel structures and took part in initial construction and built up of Metro Railway, Kolkata.We have diversified and have successfully executed various projects on Underground seepage control, concreting in most hostile conditions, protection and rehabilitation of old concrete, repair to ballastless tracks under limited traffic block. Groutech have had and has association with the following Railway Administration in various projects for:-

  1. Metro Railway, Kolkata
  2. Eastern Railway
  3. East-Coast Railway
  4. North Central Railway
  5. West Central Railway
  6. Paradeep Port Trust
  7. Hydrotech Limited

We have been catering to the Indian Railways Administration since 1989 and continue to serve them with Goodwill.

We have proper tools, plants and machineries and trained human resources to work in most environmentally hostile conditions and we are Omni present to take up challenging works as opportunities appear.

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