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About Groutech Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
grouting service

Groutech Engineers Private Limited is a professionally managed, privately owned limited company and is registered as a Medium enterprise with Directorate of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises (SME), Govt. of West Bengal.

We have highly skilled and experienced technical, non-technical and administrative staffs to support our different projects. Over the years, we have diversified and have successfully executed various projects on Underground seepage control, protection and rehabilitation of old concrete, repair to ballastless tracks under limited traffic block. These are highly specialized fields of activity where not many organizations can authentically claim to contribute.

Over the last two decades, we have concentrated in the very specialized fields of grouting, seepage control, concreting in most hostile conditions, and providing super strength concrete in environment of time limits. We have also diversified in the fields of roof water proofing, seepage arresting work in expansion joint/structure gap etc. We have successfully executed water proofing treatment with APP membranes, which the latest technology in water proofing. Roof treatment works have also been executed using glass fibre based bitumen felts


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Latest Projects
East-Coast Railway, Khurda Road, Orissa
Proposed repairs to damaged concrete...
We are Specialist in
  • All intricate grouting solutions
  • Solution to seepage problem in underground structures
  • Repair & rehabilitation to ballastless tracks
  • Seashore concrete protection work
  • Guniting & protection of concrete
  • Soil Stabilisation works
  • Rehabilitation and Grouting in Diaphragm walls in seashore
  • Roof treatment / water proofing using APP membrane etc.
  • Gauge conversion works of running Rail
  • Core-Drilling and


    of anchor bolt strut using Epoxy
  • Restoration of old concrete structures
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